The writer's we edit and publish for are of a very peculiar type. They are youthful entrepreneurs guided by and permitted to publish with their parents' supervision. Our value is in maintaining a personal relationship with our writing families, and in this regard, all royalties from young author publications go to the established financial institutions that parents have put in place for the children. See their books here and then be sure to join in the fun. For more information on publishing your own child's imaginative creation, contact us using the above form. Happy Publishing!

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Screen time should be limited, but, let's face the facts. The new wave is technology, and when your two-year-old sees her sister or brother on their devices, they can't help but want a piece of the action. Our one Step Games help tune fine motor skills and keep your toddler entertained with familiar nursery rhymes and simple one-touch activity. Drag the spider up the water spout to make the rain come down, or jump the cow over the moon to make the dish run away with the spoon. One Step Games, so easy a baby could do it!

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All children are unique, and so are their stories! We love kids books; if those books are written by kids we love them even more! Our team of child publish apprentices work with their Dad to bring kid's stories to the market. We believe in education and there is nothing better for a child than a product of their own, working for them to build their personal college savings fund. Ask us how we can publish your kids' book to start saving for their future, today! 

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